I’m in it for the adventure.
It’s the freedom and the haul.
That’s why I drive for White Oak.

– White Oak Driver

Looking for the right work/life balance?

Truckers are a breed-apart. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, and you like the physical challenge that comes with the work. Trucking is a lifestyle. It’s also a career that affects the entire family. Most of our routes are within a 1,000 kilometer radius, which means you are never far from home. Our drivers are rarely away from their families for more than a few days at a time and home every weekend.

Work/Life Balance
Benefits Package
Open Door Management
Late Model Fleet
Advanced Training
Competitive Compensation

Trained Drivers

All our drivers are highly trained professionals. Our high standards and expectations are maintained by providing thorough in-house training to every new driver, no matter how much previous experience they may have. After all, they’re not just drivers, they’re White Oak drivers.

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White Oak Training

Are you seriously interested in starting a career in trucking, but don’t have your license training? White Oak Transport will provide professional training for qualified candidates. Get in touch with our recruiters to learn more about this unique program.

Driver’s Checklist

What to look for in a trucking employer:
What is their CVOR rating? White Oak has a 9.85 CVOR rating.
How long is their training period? White Oak provides a minimum of four weeks training to all new entry level drivers.
What training is provided for experienced drivers? White Oak provides ongoing company-specific training to meet your needs.
Do they offer an Owner/Operator program? White Oak provides a program for those looking to become an Owner/Operator.

The Latest Equipment

At White Oak we realize that great equipment is part of the appeal. Our trucks are late model equipment geared towards driver satisfaction. Let’s face it, you spend the biggest part of your working life in the equipment, so you want it to have the latest technology and comfort on board.

Join the White Oak Family

Are you a recent graduate or graduating from a recognized truck training school soon? Are you currently employed as a driver and looking for a new challenge? Is a lifestyle change giving you reason to stay closer to home? White Oak Transport wants to hear from you.